What VPNs are for, and the Benefits of Using It In the US

With the use and demand of the internet increasing over the years, internet hackers and malicious software developers have been on the rise to access and use the private information that we put out there.

This brings the need for a VPN. Virtual Private Network is a software that is intended to protect your privacy while surfing the internet.

Benefits and uses of using VPN

1.  Privacy protection

The number one and the most important use of VPN is for privacy protection. VPN is used to protect all types of information about the user, restricted information like passwords, sites, and applications account information, and bank and credit card information.

You might be asking yourself how VPN helps protect privacy when it has access to all your information before it encrypts it. Well, all companies that offer VPN services have strict privacy policies for their customers. Their servers are also strictly protected by strong security measures.

2.  Masks IP address

When you connect to a VPN service or software essentially you are giving away your real IP address and using a VPN address. All sites you shall be visiting henceforth will only see your VPN address and not your IP address.

However, it is of importance to know that VPN does not entirely make you anonymous on the Internet.

On the same note, a VPN can be used to show your address in a different location especially when certain websites have locational restrictions on who can view them.

It is also used by big corporate companies to allow some of their remote workers to work from whichever part of the world while still getting access to their main server located in a different country.

3.  Data encryption

Data encryption is a security feature offered by VPN where information is encoded and such data cannot be decrypted unless you provide a key.

How do VPN companies encrypt your data? Say when you browse or key in some type of information online, the information is sent to the companies’ VPN server, encrypted, and then released.

The greatest advantage of this is that no one else can view the data, not even your Internet service provider.

4.  Blocking of hackers and trackers

The same technology used to encrypt your data works in the same manner to prevent third parties from hackers.

This will prevent the attachment of unwanted trackers that can be used to access stuff like your physical address or your web history and related things.

Some VPN services also go their way to block malicious ads and websites as you surf the internet. This is particularly common with paid versions of VPNs.

Free v Paid VPN?

My verdict when it comes to any type of software is to go with a paid version. Paid VPN offer extra security and other features, and more confidence in the software.

What is the Catch with free VPS?

Of course, if something is available for free and another version of the same thing is only available after purchase, it means there is a catch somewhere.

There are so many free VPNs on the internet and most of them don’t work. Apart from not working, you might find others that claim to work but instead they are a medium of hackers and malicious internet explorers to steal your information.

While you might find others that work and provide some decent security, you should not 100% rely on them, their servers are pretty much susceptible to hacking and theft from third parties.

Some of them will slap you with an unending series of advertisements. Well, you shouldn’t complain as that is the price of paying nothing!

As much as both the free and Paid version gives you protection while using the internet, in some cases using VPN becomes illegal under the law. This especially so when you use this new address to take someone else’s copyrighted material.

To make a good discernment of what VPN service to use, it is always important to gather enough information about the software or the company making the software. You do this by reading VPN services reviews posted on such reviews websites as ReviewsBird

This will help you note the challenges of other users of the VPN service you are trying to get among other responses given.

To secure your home network, you may consider switching to home routers that come installed with VPN security features. This will protect both you and anyone else using that WIFI.

Some of these routers can be bought online from electronic companies like CAFAGO, which offers more than just electronic gadgets. Also, when you are doing your route-hunt, don’t look only at this security feature, search for better speeds and other important factors to choose a good Wifi router.

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