Top 5 Online Shops to Buy Hi-Tech Mobile Phones in the UK

Getting mobile phones in the UK should not be difficult. But if you are looking at getting phones from the top shops, the following 5 online stores should be your concentration.

This is because they offer premium services and have positive feedback, according to reviews from users on Typically, the best online stores will offer the best phones at the best prices.

1.     Argos:

An online store in the United Kingdom located in Milton Keynes, and founded by Richard Tompkins, Argos deals in every kind of consumer products including smartphones. The company has about 900 shops and operates with more than 30,000 employees. They also have branches in the Republic of Ireland. Although established in 1972, Argos was acquired by Sainsbury in 2016 and is named after a Greek city. Their catalogues include Challenge, Visiq, Coolworks, Steamworks, Aquarius, Opticom, and so on.


An online store that offers a range of smartphone products, the company is located in Alfreton, Derbyshire. It was founded in 1997 and offers branded smartphones as well as sim cards to consumers. They boast of swift shipping and delivery. According to the company, you can buy smartphones at incredible prices at the thumb of your screen. You can even get phones by paying in instalments as much as you want.

3.     Currys:

No doubt, Currys is one of the top-rated smartphone companies in the UK. The company offers branded products and you can easily get smartphones from Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and other top brands from them. Aside from that, Currys boasts of incredible delivery and secured payments not found anywhere else. Also, the store believes its customer service is second to none, hence it is a top brand in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Additionally, it has stores strewn across the UK and abroad with services not restricted to smartphones only but as well to communications, information, and technology.


A subsidiary of the Amazon store, is one shop you should visit in the UK for your smartphones. The company extends Amazon services to even the UK audience and boasts of several top-notch services known to Amazon the parent company itself. The online store has several smartphone products you can choose from — from Apple to Samsung to others. The company claims to offer these smartphones at competitive prices and encourage you to make enquiries to see where they can come in.

5.     Clove Technology:

It would be impossible to not have heard of Clove Technology in the United Kingdom. Their services extend to the world but are primarily in the UK. They claim to offer phones at beatable prices and with quality specifications. To get a phone from them, you only need to visit their website and order. Their delivery is fast and their return policy is said to be very flexible.


Getting smartphones in the UK is easy and there are even a lot of options at your disposal. You only need to choose from any one of the above and make your order.


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