Why is VPS a go to solution for web developers for boosting SEO

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An important attribute that is not spoken about as much while debating the SEO of a website is the work done by a hosting supplier while attaining a site’s SEO objectives. A solid hosting supplier generally assists your SEO while a horrible facilitating provider can adversely make your life hell when it comes to rankings. There are enough developers and internet pros deploying hosting for a website of an SMB or big business. Because of their expertise, they have all come to the reality that it is not really the hosting providers that are lacking in terms of offering their services, but because their customers, i.e. business, first choose the incorrect sort of hosting without doing much of digging or research. Which is why they (business owners) end up saying that the SEO of their websites is crashing down in no time.

Today, search is a different beast and when it comes to ranking a website, Google takes into consideration many considerations like page speed, hygiene, loading time, etc. And most of these variables rely on the decision of the business or website owner to choose the kind of hosting and service provider. Therefore, VPS has come to the fore. Before letting us quickly clarify how hosting providers affect SEO, we will see which are the key factors that determine the success of a website from an SEO point of view.

  1. Speed of the website

Fast sites get an added benefit when it comes to SEO. Taking this … Read More

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