What is Sales Force Field Service Lightning?

Salesforce, in the most basic possible terms, is a cloud-based and online management company based in Sydney, Australia. As a business management consultant, this company largely works on helping businesses be more efficient in their technologically based endeavors. They create software to help businesses function more efficiently as well as expand the services that they offer, the locales in which they offer them, and the speed at which everything takes place. Obviously, this is a very desirable outcome in this industry, as it would be in most industries. This Salesforce Field Service Lightning guide will help break down their newest software development, Field Service Lightning.

In essence, Lightning is a piece of software designed to support field service management. Management and office-based workers can relay information to employees that are working in the field, and vice versa. It can also be used to track location and incoming orders based on location. This is information that often took several third-party apps to complete, but Lightning compiles it all into one convenient package.

Salesforce launched Lightning as a massive update and improvement to the classic version, which was a severely pared down and basic version of nearly identical software. In addition, the software developer because it was evident that there was a various gap in the market, a gap which is filled, could benefit nearly all companies in all industries.

Field Service Lightning, or FSL, works on a basic structural framework. A call center executive is called by a customer and acts … Read More