Why is VPS a go to solution for web developers for boosting SEO

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An important attribute that is not spoken about as much while debating the SEO of a website is the work done by a hosting supplier while attaining a site’s SEO objectives. A solid hosting supplier generally assists your SEO while a horrible facilitating provider can adversely make your life hell when it comes to rankings. There are enough developers and internet pros deploying hosting for a website of an SMB or big business. Because of their expertise, they have all come to the reality that it is not really the hosting providers that are lacking in terms of offering their services, but because their customers, i.e. business, first choose the incorrect sort of hosting without doing much of digging or research. Which is why they (business owners) end up saying that the SEO of their websites is crashing down in no time.

Today, search is a different beast and when it comes to ranking a website, Google takes into consideration many considerations like page speed, hygiene, loading time, etc. And most of these variables rely on the decision of the business or website owner to choose the kind of hosting and service provider. Therefore, VPS has come to the fore. Before letting us quickly clarify how hosting providers affect SEO, we will see which are the key factors that determine the success of a website from an SEO point of view.

  1. Speed of the website

Fast sites get an added benefit when it comes to SEO. Taking this point into consideration, it is seen that page speed had been a widely recognized SEO variable when it comes to performance of a website. Hence, it is undeniable that speed of hosting can impact your rankings. A site’s speed depends on many attributes but in our opinion, speed takes the top spot. If you are unlikely to have state-of-the-art facilities and programming around the provider,  chances are that your site will do just about okay only to affect your rankings and large number of returning users in turn.

  1. Security provided by the hosting

Server-friendly websites which aren’t as secure are left defenseless against spam attacks like DDoS. This isn’t great news for users or for website owners. But the truth is that the internet is a place that has ‘n’ number of viruses floating around and it is only logical that one takes measures to protect their website against these attacks. If these viruses find a leeway, hacking your site is inevitable, only to affect your site’s file sand content that either gives customers a bad user experience or in turn spreads the virus to their system. These are all red flags.

To avert this crisis, it is of utmost importance that the hosting secures the website. With VPS, such problems rarely or hardly occur because it allows one to protect their website with a virtualized system that has enhanced virus protection. In addition to this, deployers of VPS can also make the most of firewalls to combat malicious attacks, thus protecting the website and its SEO in the long run.

  1. Steady uptime

No one, and that includes Google, likes to end up on a website and get a message that shouts ‘ The website is not available.’ It is considered as a bad user experience. One of the reasons this happens is because the uptime is not steady. This in itself is a signal to Google that this site does not follow best practices when it comes to maintaining uptime. And the key for a steady uptime is a good hosting.

With VPS, you can ensure that the uptime remains consistent and there is little or no downtime. This aside, you can also look at SSD VPS which is much different that cloud VPS as an option to a hosting with steady uptime.

  1. Support for hosting

Support is a vital part of hosting and also an integral part of SEO-related activities. Your facilitating provider should most probably assist the managers identified with SEO with multiple items recognized with the site and server. For example, the facilitating provider should most probably guide you when you have to create your site and integrate SSL with it and make it compliant. Last year, Google rolled out an update about HTTP to HTTPS stating that all HTTP websites will be held unsecure. Hence, the hosting should have the support necessary to make these changes, as they are important from a search point of view. Going ahead, if you ever think of deploying a website, make sure that you take search compatibility into consideration, powered by VPS.


With this article we hope that you understood why VPS as a hosting service is important when it comes to SEO. If there are any doubts, you can ask us in the section dedicated for comments. We will try to answer the same.

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