Online Reputation Management for Restaurants

Reviews Can Make Or Break a Business!

We all do it, at least once a day. You don’t even realize it, but you read reviews. You want to try out some new store, you google it, and before you even realize it, are clicking on the reviews, before directions. You can’t help it. It is second nature. You read them for stores, products, services, and restaurants.

Does a review really matter for businesses?

Yes, as a matter of fact, 90% of consumers find them to be very important. Of course, you may have to weed out some reviews, as they may have ulterior motives. Reviews are great to look at, especially if you really like a certain type of food. You want to find a restaurant that serves and makes it exactly as you are used to. For example, say you grew up along the Northeastern coast, and love seafood. You know how it is supposed to taste, so you look at reviews to find authentic Northeastern seafood restaurants, in your area. Nothing like a good cup of Manhattan clam chowder, or clams casino. So, if you read a review that says they use chowder clams for clams casino, you already know right there, you are not going to go there. (Supposed to be littleneck clams).

As a restaurant owner, do you want reviews of your place?

Like it or not, reviews are very important for restaurants. It is just the way things are done now. Once upon a time, there would only be one or two restaurants to choose from, but now there is much more competition to contend with. You have to keep on your toes to earn and keep return customers. If you don’t get reviews, you may not get new customers. People like to read about restaurants, their food, decor, and service, so they can know what to expect.

Should you worry about bad reviews?

You should always be concerned with your reviews. It has always been said that word of mouth is great, but bad reports can really damage your business. However, you should always heed the advice of a bad review. This is the way owners need to look at it. Don’t take it to heart, but learn from your mistakes. Sometimes you can learn a lot about things you did not know were happening if you did not get the reviews. It is always a good idea to respond to negative reviews as well. Help is available if you seek it.

Where do you find help with restaurant reputation management?

Go to the internet to search for options, but one company that helps a great deal is Rize. They can get your restaurant set up to get great reviews. Rize will set up kiosks in your restaurant, to get customers inputs about such things as service, food quality, decor, and quality. They also set up an email campaign, asking for opinions. High ratings will send the customer to your choice of review boards, while negative reports will be sent right to you so that you can amend the situation. Not sure how to handle negative reviews? Rize will help with that as well. Restaurant reputation management goes a long way towards getting the customers into your establishment.

Remember, reviews are not all it takes.

Once you start receiving 5-star reviews and getting more customers, the work does not stop there. It takes constant work and staying on top of things to be a successful restaurant. Make sure to keep checking your reviews, and making improvements as needed. Good luck with your future endeavors.

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