Now Parenting is Much Easier With Cell Phone Spyware

Parenting is quite a tough job for parents these days and the parents that are doing multiple jobs their moral responsibility is at stake. On the other hand widespread of the cell phone gadgets such as Android, IOS, windows and blackberries and the continuous adoption of the smartphones in teens is creating multiple hurdles for parents and for single moms no time ever before.  Parents when having a leisure time they see young kids and teens lurking on the smartphones screen hours and hours that force parents to think about it. Finally, when they come to know the activities kids and teens do, it really make parents to take such an action to get to know the hidden activities of teens and kids on the contemporary phones.

What do teens & kids do on cell phones?

There are the common activities kids and teens usually does on their smartphones

Text messages:

Texting is the very common disease that has penetrated among the young generation. They send and receive text messages to their real-life friends and online friends through social media. The text messages that are worthy does not make a difference, on the other hand when teens do gossips with the friends and spend too much time by pressing keypad of the cell phones while walking on the roads and in the middle of the streets without having conscious mind to know what really has come in the way. This kind of obsession with the texting put teens into real danger and parents should have parental control apps to protect the teens and kids with ultimate and effective decisions

Audio and video calls:

The social messaging apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, Zalo, Viber and plenty of others allow teens to make free audio and videos call on the trendy social media apps. This habit of making free calls reportedly has harmed teen over the years. They make video calls in a compromising way by taking their kids clothes off. Ultimately when they find their naked video goes viral on the social media platforms, then most of the teen’s nothing left but to commit suicide or go into deep depression.

Shared media files:

Young teens make use of the cell phones front and back camera and capture selfies from dangerous places and then share it on the social media platforms. Over the years the number of cases has been reported in the news where kids and teens have lost their lives while making selfies at dangerous places.

Visited inappropriate websites:

Visiting the pornographic content is very common in teens no time ever before and it is destroying the young minds of the young generation. They become obsessed with the carnal content and got plenty of psychic issues that may cure but take so much time to recover.

Use dating apps:

The social media and dating apps are developing sexual feeling among teens and they use dating apps to have sexual hookups with the opposite gender and do pre-mature sexual activities.

Get encountered with online predators:

They may get encountered with the online predators that harm teens in a way that may cause serious issues. There are plenty of online predators that have been made the digital world their safe haven. They are in the shape of cyber bullies, stalkers, sexual predators and plenty of others alike.


Parents can do effective parenting with cell phone spying apps. It allows the user to view all the text messages sent or received with the text messages spy. A user can also use the screen recording of the cell phone surveillance app and would be able to perform live screen recording of all the trendy IM’s teens are using. However, parents or single mom can remotely get screenshots of the teen’s phone activities remotely.

They can remotely control the phone with remotely phone controller of the smartphone monitoring spyware. It further allows the user to view the browsing history of the phone and view the visited websites to the fullest. Moms can remotely block text messages, calls and even block the internet if something is going wrong on the teen’s phone. Parents can also remotely track the GPS location of teen’s device and get to know the exact location.

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