How Smart Chatbots For Marketers Increase Sales

In today’s age and day, almost everything in on the Internet. Nearly everything goes digital and becoming streamlined or automated. Businesses are starting to look for new ways to implement innovative and cutting-edge technology like virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. For example, in the past couple of years, Artificial Intelligence-equipped chat or smartbots have become the new trend when it comes to modern businesses.

Not only these technologies will allow companies to connect with their customers or clients in a new, exciting, interactive and engaging ways. It helps companies streamline some of their client service processes. Not only that, this technology has become very popular among companies or businesses, that it even made its way into every marketer’s collection of marketing strategies.

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Chat or smart bots operate through an artificial intelligence technology, that is why they need the smart technology to compile and analyze data, as well as make an informed decision based on those data. When interacting with clients, this type of technology will allow chatbots to recommend any relevant content to clients or customers based on their previous conversations, buying trends and purchase histories that are totally unique to that customer.

In today’s digital age and day, the primary goal of all marketing experts is to find out a way to help personalize a brand or product, services and experiences for every customer in a unique way.  Now with this technology, marketing experts and companies can now personalize services and products for their clients.

Imagine you send a message to a chatbot for online retailers asking questions about the availability of a particular product. The technology can answer any question about specific products, but it can also recommend another product that the customer might also look at when buying the product, you originally asked for.

Now, it is something we see all over the online retailing world. But here is the difference – the technology can now send a message to customers upon their next visit with different recommendations that are based on their previous inquiries or conversations.

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Not only that, but it can also discuss products and services in real-time. Consumers can interact with the technology about various services and products, ask potential differences between different products and ask for recommendations that are based on recent reviews. Essentially, every customer how has their own smart or chatbot shopper, tailored to the consumer’s tastes, preferences and interests. Amazing, isn’t it? You can see why this technology is every marketing expert’s dream.

Digital world’s digital solution

No matter what you do, at the end of the day, it all comes down to results. It is no different for companies and businesses. Marketing experts are regularly tasked with finding different ways to drive their clients’ businesses through digital means. It serves as a perfect way for this to happen. Not only that, the world is starting to become more and more focused on going fully digital.

There is a big chance that if everyone uses this technology, companies or businesses will also use them to adapt to the consumer’s needs. Driving the results mean connecting with your consumers and clients on a more personal level, not just the surface level. Consumers expect a personalized experience, and this technology is precisely what is going to get them to where they needed to be.

Imagine this technology as if it was a funnel

The best way to describe how marketing experts are using chat and smart bots or Artificial Intelligence to increase or boost results are to think of it as a funnel. There is the top of the funnel where the ingredients (in this case, the users) are poured in. Then there is the middle, where the mixture if components are being sorted out.

Then there is the bottom of the funnel, where comes out in a prolonged, timely and flowing manner. In the marketing expert’s point of view, once the users are introduced, the key is to ensure that they are well taken care of so that they will keep coming back for more.

Chatbots are excellent at finding out the consumer’s interests and automatically send them the perfect messaging to increase their desire. Once the consumer’s desire is increased, the odds of them buying the products or availing the services will go up.

After the customers purchase or avail the products or services, the bot can now be used to send orders and updates to them, as well as handle all the logistics tasks like tracking and shipping. They can also be used to up-sell competitors. This technology can manage an entire consumer journey, from discovery, desire, purchase, delivery and back to purchasing again.

Top of the business funnel

It is usually where the bot can help attract customers into your company, products or services. It can help attract consumers through bot marketing, email campaigns, homepage engagement when customers visit the website, as well as popups on essential sites. Whatever you do to make sure that your chatbot engages possible customers early on usually help draw users to the top of the business funnel.

Middle of the business funnel

The middle involves anything and everything from transactions, exchange of products and services and purchases. It is precisely where everything happens, and the best way for the bot to help out is by making sure that everything runs smoothly and adequately.

For example, the chatbots can help your business provide technical support by reaching out to consumers and ensuring that they are satisfied with the product and services that you provide. This technology can help design a personalized solution that is unique to every user.

Bottom of the business funnel

After the consumers have completed their transaction, abandoned the cart without even buying a product or looking for tracking and shipment information, the chatbot can be programmed to help reach out to the users personally with the necessary information or details that are related to their purchases, their orders or item that they checked out in your website.

It also helps recommend other relevant or similar products or services, offers discount coupons, convinces customers to pick their abandoned carts, send a detailed tracking or shipping details so that they can be sure of the exact date and time they can receive their orders.

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